Literary Rejects: On the genealogy of rejects and their adventures in literature, and their affects on readers. A comparative/ world literature project, spanning canonic and non-canonic literatures: covering Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dostoevsky, Melville, Flaubert, Mary Shelley, Kafka, Ellison, Djebar, Lu Xun, LeClézio, Modiano, Musil, Sebald, Daoud, Ben Jelloun, Indra Sinha, etc. 

Reader-Responsibility: Focusing especially on Julian Barnes's Sense of an Ending, William Boyd's Any Human Heart, Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis, JM Coetzee's DisgraceThe Childhood of Jesus, and The Schooldays of Jesus, I elicit from these narratives something I call "reader-responsibility," which I argue to emerge in the aftermaths of "the death of the author" and reader-response theories.

The Quest for the Infinite: This concerns my interest in 19th century French writers, particularly Flaubert, Balzac, and Zola, and their respective endeavors to inscribe the infinite in their texts.

Revenant(s) à Paris: With Patrick Modiano's texts as principal points of reference, this is an investigation into how one can be re-enchanted with the city, in the wake of increased terrorist attacks and hate crimes targeting city spaces. I am also testing the hypothesis that Modiano's writings may be literary examples of "prepositional existence." 

Between 2012-13, I helped oversee the publication of a volume of all the published poems of Singapore's major poet, Arthur Yap. The Collected Poems of Arthur Yap appeared in 2013 with the National University of Singapore Press, for which I also wrote the introduction, "Realia." I am now planning to organize a journal special section on Arthur Yap's poetry in comparison with other Anglo-American modernist poets.

Arthur Yap Poetry Cover.jpg